Residential & Commercial A/C Maintenance And Repair Services

Keep your place cool and well ventilated 


We are proud to offer a complete range of Air Conditioning repair, maintenance, and installation services. We provide all-inclusive services from split units to the top-of-the-line central air system. Our technical experts are well qualified to identify and fix all possible issues.



We provide trusted and reliable residential A/C services because we think of our customers and their relaxing time.



By providing the best commercial A/C services we keep your office working so that you may feel relax and work well at your office.



We are determined to provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on any type of A/C repair and maintenance service.

Our  Air Conditioner Services in Dubai

AC Gas Refilling
AC Installation
AC Kit Repair
AC Leakage Repair
Annual Inspection
Duct Cleaning
AC Drain Blockage Repair
AC Fan Motor Repair
Ac Intallation

A/C Installation Service

Want To Install a New A/C in the Balmy Weather of Dubai to Remain Cool?

No matter which model and Air Conditioning Company you choose, our experienced technicians are most suitable and know how to install. Our technicians are well qualified and have expertise in AC installation. They can easily install any types of A/C including window air conditioner, central air conditioner, ductless, portable air conditioner, mini-split air conditioner, and all other types of air conditioners.

Licenced Professionals
Quick & Optimized Installation

A/C Maintenance Service

Regular Maintenance Keeps Air Conditioners Working at Optimal Capacity

Regular maintenance of A/C within your place will allow you to modulate a comfortable working temperature the whole year and provide a consistent flow of clean, fresh and healthy air. For getting all these ravishing benefits of maintenance services you need to seek a quote from a professional air conditioning maintenance and repair company. Here, Premium Tech Services enters in the play and offers all these reliable and cost-effective maintenance services in Dubai and its surroundings. 
Fully Trained Service Technicians
Confident and Reliable Service

Let’s Change The Work To Be Done Into A Well Done!


Get a high-quality maintenance and repair service at your doorstep. Feel free to contact us today.